julia schulz-dornburg


Postcards from Barcelona. Plaça dels Àngels, Barcelona

Loneliness in the city and is a collective and itinerant project of the artist Alicia Framis that feeds mainly on the contributions of others. The project is developed in the context of a large tent and it presents under the subtitle of Barcelona Remix to express the will of exploring cultural diversity in the Raval and the various fields in which loneliness can be noticed.
Postcards from Barcelona is a project of Julia Schulz- Dornburg and Gustavo Gili Galfetti located under the great tent of Alicia Framis.
About 300 postcards of Barcelona (a mixture of self-produced and ready - made) constitute a large wall of images of Barcelona. During the seven days that the installation lasts, viewers are invited to choose a postcard and fill it starting with "In Barcelona I feel like ....... " .
The growing collection of images and personal stories make up a mosaic both visual and emotional of Barcelona, a dialogue and a paradox between the images of the city and the emotions that it stores as the set of our passions.