julia schulz-dornburg


  • Building and exhibitions

    -Preliminary design for a WINTERGARDEN HOUSE with Monica Recoder, Puigcerda
    -Design competition for the permanent exhibition “CASA FIESTA MAYOR”, Vilafranca de Penedés
    -Exhibition design “FRANCO, VICTORIA, REPUBLICA”, Born Cultural Centre, Barcelona
    - Design competition for the permanent exhibition “CASTELLERS MUSEUM OF CATALONIA”, Valls, Tarragona.
    -Curation and design of the exhibition “THE PANORAMIC LIFE”, gallery Knust & Kunz, Munich.
    -Design of the permanent exhibition “DRESSING THE BODY” in the DHUB museum, Glories, Barcelona.
    -Curation and exhibiton design, “RUINAS MODERNAS”. Fomento de las Artes, Plaza de los Angeles, Barcelona.
    -Curation and exhibition design, “RUINAS MODERNAS” for the ICO Foundation Museum, Madrid.
    -Curation and exhibition design, “MODERN RUINS, A TOPOGRAPHY OF PROFIT” for the AEDES Gallery, Berlín.
    -Single family house: HIDDEN HOUSE, Cretas, Aragón.
    -Exhibition design for SALA MONTSORIU, Museo Etnológico del Montseny “la Gabella”, Arbúcies.
    -Refurbishment and new exhibition design for the ETHNOLOGICAL MUSEUM OF THE MONTSENY “LA GABELLA”, Arbúcies.
    -Museum project “HOUSE OF LANGUAGES”, Can Ricart, with the Foundation Barcelona Media for Linguamon, Barcelona
    -Refurbishment of the retractable observation dome of the FABRA OBSERVATORY, Barcelona
    -Exhibition design “THE DRESSED BODY” for the Textile Museum, Pedralbes Palace, Barcelona
    -Design of the exterior spaces and exhibition area in the FABRA OBSERVATORY, Barcelona
    -Exhibition design for " NAVEGANTES DEL SIGLO XXI " in the Maritime Museum for Barcelona Activa, City of Barcelona
    -Exhibition design for " CATALAN CULTURE SINGULAR AND UNIVERSAL ", with Gustavo Gili for the Frankfurt Book fair. CCCB, Institut Ramon Llull
    -Exhibition design "BARCELONA SENSATIONS" in the Forum for the ICUB and BSM, Barcelona
    -Restaurant "THE VERONICA 2", Rambla del Raval, Barcelona
    -"THE CELÁQUEO GLOBE", a competition proposal for the “Barcelona World Race” icon.
    -Refurbishment of the of GERDA HENKEL STIFTUNG headquarters, Düsseldorf
    -"VASAVA" store, Barcelona
    -Project for a SINGLE FAMILY HOUSE in Gandesa, Terra Alta.
    -COAC stand for Construmat fair with Joan Pons Forment.
    -Exhibition space, shop and office for “VASAVA”, Barcelona.
    -Design of a Railway fence for FGC (Catalan railway) in Sarria, Barcelona.
    -Exhibition design “XIAN WARRIORS” with Joan Pons Forment for the Forum 2004.
    -Exhibition design for “PLACE”, Vasava in the CCCB.
    -Museographic design for the OLYMPIC MUSEUM, Barcelona.
    -SINGLE-FAMILY HOUSE design in Bascara.
    -Project for “VERONICA 2” restaurant, Barcelona.
    -Exhibition design “PRESONS DE FRANCO” (Franco’s prisons) for the History of Catalunya Museum (National Cultural Heritage Award, Ricardo Vinyes, Manel Risques).
    -Installation of “LA BOSSASONA”, Christmas lights for Barnacentre with Francesc Llorca, artist (FAD award for installation and exhibitions/ FAD award of Jury opinion).
    -SINGLE-FAMILY HOUSE in Tordera. (Winner of the Triennial Architectural Award of the Mareseme and finalist in the FAD Architectural Awards.
    -Exhibition design “TIRAN(I)A” for the CCCB.
    -Exhibition design “COSMOPOLIS-BORGES AND BUENOS AIRES” for the CCCB. (Barcelona City Design Award / finalist FAD awards ephemeral spaces).
    -Office for “VASAVA ARTWORKS” on Travessera de Gracia, Barcelona.
    -Installation “LIGHT ON THE NET” by Fujihata for “La Caixa” Foundation.
    -Exhibition design “NATURE’S TREASURES” for the Cultural Institute in the Zoological Museum, Barcelona.
    -Participation in the exhibition “SOLITUDE IN THE CITY” as curator of “POSTCARDS FROM BARCELONA”, with G. Gili, MACBA.
    -Exhibition design of “WWW.MYCITY.COM" for the CCCB.
    -Curator and designer of “THE CITIZEN’S CITY” exhibition with Gustavo Gili, proposed for CCCB.
    -Extension and reopening of restaurant "LA VERONICA", Bcn.
    -Exhibition design “DIGITAL SHOWROOM" for the CCCB.
    -Exhibition design "COMPOUND FUTURE" for the Virreina, Cultural Institute Barcelona.
    -Exhibition design "JOURNEY TO THE MOON" by Frederic Amat for Llorca in the CCCB.
    -Installation "GLASS BOX” for “Primavera de Diseño”, Bcn.
    -Restaurant “LA VERONICA”, in Avinyo street, Barcelona
    -Participation in the UIA as curator and architect of “HOME SWEET HOME” exhibition with Gustavo Gili, Eulalia Coma, Amy Lelyveld, Niall O´Flynn. Cathedral Square, Barcelona (FAD award, AIA award).
    -Refurbishment of the “KNUST” residence in Munich, Germany
    -SINGLE-FAMILY HOUSE design in Montseny.
    -Exhibition design of “SONNENSTAND” at the Corcoran Gallery, Washington and the Chicago Arts Institute, United States.
    -Exhibition design of “NOT SO SIMPLE” exhibition, Furniture fair, Cologne.
    -Refurbishment of an ANTIQUE DEALER’S HOUSE and shop project with Carlos Nicolau, architect.
    -Exhibition design of “NOT SO SIMPLE” for the“Primavera de Diseño”, Barcelona.
    -SINGLE FAMILY HOUSE design Kilbeggan, Ireland.
    -Exhibition design of “SONNENSTAND” in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.
    -Refurbishment of a BUILDING in the old quarter of Barcelona.
    -Refurbishment of an APARTMENT IN AMIGÓ STREET with Conxita Balcells, architect.
    -Exhibition design of “SONNENSTAND” at the Wittrock Gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany.
    -BOOKSHOP in Castellbisbal with Conxita Balcells, architect.
    -FURNITURE COLLECTION for SCP in London with Konstantin Grcic, Industrial designer.
    -Refurbishment of an APARTMENT in Montbau with Conxita Balcells, architect.
    -SINGLE-FAMILY HOUSE in New Paltz, United States, with Amy Lelyveld, architect.

  • Theory


    Author of the book “MODERN RUINS, A TOPOGRAPHY OF PROFIT” Publisher Àmbit.
    Author of the book "ART & ARCHITECTURE - NEW AFFINITIES" Publisher Gustavo Gili.

    -Curator of the Architecture Week, ARQUINSET, for FAD in the DHUB, Barcelona.
    -ON PHOTOGRAPHY, with Bettina Lockemann, La Virreina, Barcelona


    -THE VALUE OF LANDSCAPE, Fundación CARULLA, Barcelona
    -Book presentation “QUERÍAMOS UN CALATRAVA” by  Llatzer Moix, COAC, Barcelona
    - A TOPOGRAPHY OF PROFIT, University of Cafa, Beijing
    -URBAN ENCOUNTERS, Tate Britain, UK
    -“WELCOME TO THE PANORAMIC LIFE” in Disrupted Cities: The instant obsolescence of the peripheries, Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Sevilla.  
    “SPA LANDSCAPE“ in Turism and Territory, IV architectural and urban planning symposium in the Mola fortress, Menorca
    -“MODERN RUINS” lecture and discussion in “Urbanists in a new context“, IX urban seminar, COAN y EKOS, Bilbao.
    “RUINAS MODERNAS” presentation and discussion with Dr. Joan Nogué in “Listen, think, discuss and build”, Lecture series at the Universidad de Girona,
    -“LANDSCAPE AS MERCHANDISE” in “Vacant land or landscape?” Urban Debate Club, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid
    Book presentation “MODERN RUINS, A TOPOGRAPHY OF PROFIT” with Francesc Muñoz and Pedro Azara at the CCCB, Barcelona

    - Master's Degree in Temporary Space Design, Elisava


    2016 - 2018
    - Monuments (of the Franco regime)
    - Combat cities


  • Awards

    -Finalist of the 5th “Salóni de Arquitectura Interior” award for the exhibition “XIAN WARRIORS”.
    -Selected for the ephemeral spaces FAD award for the exhibition “XIAN WARRIORS”.
    -Winner of the Triennial architecture award of the Maresme for the house “CAN REI” in Tordera.
    -Winner of the National cultural heritage award for the exhibition “ FRANCO’S PRISONS” (Ricardo Vinyes, Manel Risques).
    -Winner of the FAD award for ephemeral spaces for the Installation “LA BOSSASONA” with Francesc Llorca, artist.
    -Winner of the jury opinion prize of the 2004 FAD awards for the Christmas setting “LA BOSSASONA” together with Francesc Llorca, artist.
    -Winner of the “City of Barcelona award 2002 in design” for the exhibition design “COSMOPOLIS- BORGES AND BUENOS AIRES” for the CCCB.
    -Finalist for the FAD award for ephemeral spaces for the exhibition design of the “COSMOPOLIS- BORGES AND BUENOS AIRES”.
    -Finalist for the FAD architect award for “CAN REI”, house in Tordera.
    -Selected for the FAD ephemeral spaces award for the exhibition design of “WWW.MYCITY.COM" in the CCCB.
    -Selected for the FAD ephemeral spaces award for the installation "GLASS BOX" for the "Primavera de Diseño”.
    -Winner of the FAD ephemeral spaces award for "HOME SWEET HOME"
    -Winner of the AIA award (American Institute of Architects) for "HOME SWEET HOME".
    -Winner of the architectural competition “TREATMENT OF DIVIDING WALLS” in Málaga, with Conxita Balcells and Monica Recoder, architects.